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February 09, 2022​

Announcing SmartStart Pilot Program

Pello is excited to announce the SmartStart Pilot Program as we roll out more Pello systems across North America. We’ve been talking to cities, universities, and leading business organizations over the past few months and one thing we’ve heard loud and clear is that the barrier to testing smart waste technology is often the hurdles of procurement policies, budget constraints, and getting approvals from multiple levels within an organization.

For over a decade we have been using smart waste sensors to reduce collection costs, increase waste diversion and gather more accurate data on waste and recycling generation rates. We’re so confident that this technology can create value that we’ve introduced the SmartStart Pilot Program to help accelerate the adoption of smart waste technology in North America.

The SmartStart Pilot Program is available to 5 organizations across North America to start the smart waste journey towards reducing waste, improving recycling program performance, lower carbon emissions, and reducing operating costs

5 containers at SmartStart Pilot Program participants will be outfitted with the Pello hybrid sensor to gather data on fill level and container contents

SmartStart pilots are 5 months in length. Pello will provide monthly data analytics reporting on fill level, contamination and efficiency recommendations

There is no charge for SmartStart pilots for the selected participants for the pilot period. Installation can be done by pilot participant personnel or Pello can install the sensors

Apply Today To The SmartStart Grant Program


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