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Sensor technology inside waste and recycling containers provides a quantum leap forward in managing waste effectively. However, not all sensors are built the same, nor capture everything you’re looking for.

Pello helps you find the right sensors (and cameras) for the materials you manage so you know what’s in your container, where it’s located, it’s fill level and pick-up alerts, and the exact type of illegal dumping (contamination) that may be happening.

Our Sensor toolbox includes:
The proprietary Pello Hybrid Sensor
Camera Sensors
Laser Sensors
Ultrasonic Sensors

Meet the sensor that does it all.

The Pello Sensor

Multiple Ultrasonic

The sensor that provides the most accurate fill level measurements.

Spectral Camera

White light, Infrared and Ultraviolet – this sensor can see them all and identify objects and materials with the highest degree of accuracy.

GPS & Cellular

Our powerful external antenna reliably connects in all locations.

Rugged & Ready

Our sensor meets the industry’s toughest standards: IP67 -40 to +60 degree Celsius Shock and vibration resistant.

Easy to Install

Installs with standard battery powered hand tools in less than 15 mins

Contamination Identification

Images captured to see what’s actually in the container, identifying contamination and creating alerts and event triggers.

No matter your container type, we have a sensor that works

Camera Sensors

Best in large dumpsters at buildings to detect fill levels and contamination

Laser Sensors

Great for smaller containers such as public litter collection and recycling totes

Ultrasonic Sensors

Great for medium sized containers, these sensors work well even when dirty

Pello Hybrid Sensor

Combines camera and ultrasonic sensors to provide reliable data, measurement and images

Turn-key Solution.

How we assist during the setup process.

Our technology is ready-to-go, and our team will assess your needs, recommend the right sensor for the job, guide your install and train you on the system. If any problems arise, we troubleshoot quickly.

With thousands of sensors deployed over the past 10 years, the Pello Team makes it easy.

Want to improve your waste and recycling operations?

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