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Advanced Technology for Smart Waste Management.

Looking for the latest in waste optimization and waste sensor technology that gives you photos of your bin contents, comprehensive fill data and AI enhancements like contamination detection? Want to build efficiencies and give clarity to your waste operations?

Adding Visibility to Smart Waste for a Greener, Cleaner, World

Introducing PELLO a smart waste management solution that enables Institutions, Enterprises and Haulers to manage their waste more efficiently, lower their environmental footprint, increase sustainability and improve the quality of their services.


Best Features

Right sizing capacity and service schedules

Our intelligent sensor provides hourly fill level readings and immediate notification of a full bin and more. Combined with our AI driven algorithms this allows us to provide valuable right sizing information on recommended bin capacity and the service schedules that should be used.

Real visibility into your bins

Our waste sensor also provides, at a minimum, content photos from the bin every 8 hours or immediately if the bin is full. Photo data to see what really is happening in your bins.

Alerts for Full bins and more​

Automatic calculations by our in-bin sensor provide immediate alerts for full bins, high temperature events and more – allowing you to react quickly to customers needs.

Alerts for Contamination

Artificial Intelligence run on uploaded photos provides immediate contamination alerts allowing your customers to correct the problem or you to request alternative handling of the bin contents

Real fill data for ESG reporting

Use real fill levels and collection trends over time for each type of waste container to generate diversion reporting and environmental data or use our API for your existing systems

Operations tools for managing service

Information from our waste sensors allows optimized service and forecasts for future bin capacity/service needs based on previous fill level data and trends to handle seasonal variations

Any Hardware, Your Data

Use the best sensor for your equipment and business case – and then view all your data in one place, the PELLO platform. We are hardware agnostic which means that we can work with you to bring together data from a variety of sensors into a single view that can be easily actioned. Talk to us about sensors we have integrated into our platform

Detailed Information at your fingertips

Container location details, See the details of the location, container type, service schedule, and last service

Supported Industries

Smart Cities
Waste Collectors
Facilities and Campuses

Pello Delivers​

Reduced Costs

Drive fewer miles, reduce driver overtime and reduce recycling stream contamination costs. Reduce the cost to collect your containers by up to 40%.

Improved Efficency

Do more with less – or do more with the same fleet, drivers and containers – by improved efficiency through Pello analytics.

Reduced Overflow

Know which containers are close to overflow with real-time data, minimizing complaints and clean up charges with real-time data.

Improved Asset Management

Digitize the management of your containers – with GPS tracking, you always know where your containers are.

Benchmarks, Analytics, Reporting

Benchmark collection and material generation volume to spot trends and opportunities to improve your operations and create data-driven reports quickly to inform sustainability and Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.

Connect & Share

Connect to legacy systems and export data to use within your organization. API’s are easy to integrate so you can use your data, your way.

Pello Product Tiers




Trusted By Customers - Small and Large

We work with all type of different customer types Over the years, we have been able to learn and expand our cloud platform and sensor portfolio to meet the waste data needs for most property managers, cities, municipalities and higher education & corporate campuses. Learn from some of our customer studies by contacting us below.

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